Carpet Cleaning Services

The Multiclean carpet cleaning team delivers great results across all our jobs, small or big, easy or hard …. We work hard delivering Great Results, Satisfied Clients + Clean Carpets every time. Yes, sometimes carpet stains look nasty or annoying or plain disgusting. With our experience skills and equipment we deliver results you may not expect. Because we’re an accountable carpet cleaning company, we don’t raise your expectations unless we can meet them. In some cases, stains may be too stubborn and may not totally come out. If we don’t think we can remove a stain we’ll tell you upfront.

Yes, whatever you have, maybe an end-of-lease, a normal periodic job or a special event clean, we are carpet cleaning all year long. We often do carpet cleaning during the Christmas and Easter holiday periods.Let Multiclean take care of your carpet spills and stains, so you can enjoy the clean soft and luxurious carpet that you deserve. As you would expect we often clean commercial, utility style carpets which take a lot of traffic..

carpet cleaning Sydney
carpet cleaning services Sydney

Multiclean’s carpet cleaning service is performance focused = Results you want, Consistently.  For our team, performance also means listening to, understanding you and then delivering as you ask.  Always.  We know a lot of people depend on our carpet cleaning company to make sure everybody is satisfied.  You can feel assured that the Multiclean carpet cleaning team have good communication skills and follow the policy that you – our client – are always right.  Tell us what you would like cleaned and it’ll be done.  Whether you are in Sydney or Newcastle.

Insured?  Yes definitely we are.  Multiclean, its carpet cleaning services and teams are fully insured.  So what?  Well, that means we care about our people, our clients and your property.  We are fully insured so you can feel completely comfortable not just about the result, but how we get that result.

Green?  Our environmental position is that our chemicals are easily biodegradable.  If you like we can use your specified carpet cleaning or other products, so please tell us your requirements.  Generally and especially outdoors, we use low-noise no-fume electric (not petrol) powered equipment.

So, why not discover why Multiclean is the preferred solution for many carpet cleaning problems in both Sydney and Newcastle.  It could be because the team saves time & money getting it right the 1st time.  Or that they listen, understand & do a good job.  Or maybe its just that the results are good value.

So call or contact us today?… We would love to see how we can deliver a performance based solution for you. Multiclean performance carpet cleaning services are conveniently located in Sydney and Newcastle.