Little Ones Can Make a Bigger Mess Tomorrow

Multiclean is a North Sydney -based commercial cleaning company offering the most comprehensive cleaning services in North Sydney and surrounding areas. Multiclean believes in the concept of ”little ones can make a bigger mess tomorrow” in child care centers. We care for every child so that the process of cleaning also. Because of the pandemic, cleaning and hygiene make a bigger part of our lives. We do our job at a higher level in child care centers and preschool cleaning. Our staff of preschool cleaners is very proficient and humble at cleaning. Get a free quote with Multiclean and know more about our child care center & preschool cleaning services. Our main office is located in Manly but we serve in and around the North Sydney area. 

Our childcare and day care cleaning teams deliver a common result across all their jobs small, medium & large …. Satisfied Owners + Clean Safe Spaces.  We guarantee our results because we’re an accountable childcare cleaning company.  When there’s a problem, we fix it.  Yes, we’re not perfect so we own our mistakes and fix them.

Multiclean’s day care cleaning service is performance focused = results you want, consistently.  For us performance also means listening to, understanding and then doing, always.  We know a lot of people depend on their childcare cleaning company to make sure everybody on that property is satisfied, from parents to children.  You might find some assurance that our day care team members have good communication skills and follow the policy that the process and the client are always right.

Finally, yes, Multiclean & its childcare cleaning services team is fully insured.  We can also easily meet your environmental position with specific cleaning products, so please tell us your requirements.  We use low-noise no-fume electric, not petrol powered equipment.  We also deliver fogging services which helps your children clients and staff remain fully protected from contagious infections and you remain incident free.  Protecting your brand and business

Discover the reasons why Multiclean is the solution for childcare owners’ cleaning and sanitising problems.  Is it that we save them time & money getting it right the 1st time?  Or maybe that we always listen, understand & do?  Or maybe our service is just good value?  Call or contact us today … We would love to hear from you and see if we can deliver a performance based solution for your childcare or day care centre.  If you’re in North Sydney or Newcastle, we can help you.

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Child Care Center & Preschool Cleaning Services by Multiclean

In addition to cleaning, creating, and maintaining the environment that provides a space to address the child’s physical, psychological, and emotional needs. We assure that will provide a space with hygiene and germs free by our products. We will provide 100% customer satisfaction in the child care center & preschool cleaning. Childcare centers and preschools share the most rewarding experiences for children, parents, and staff. So it is a responsibility to maintain a healthier and safe environment for the children. If your preschool is near to any hospital or industry, it is very essential to clean the environment daily to eliminate the spread of infections. We at Multiclean understands this well so that your child will be in safe hands. Using harsh chemicals can cause a negative impact on children at preschool and child care centers. So we at Multiclean keeping it in mind, so we use environmentally friendly solutions in cleaning methodology. Make a quote with Multiclean to know the processes of Preschool cleaning in detail.  

Our Specialties in Child Care Center & Preschool Cleaning

Our Mission at Multiclean is to provide the simplest quality office/commercial cleaning services by exceeding the expectations of our clients. We focus on every detail from children’s study place to washrooms. Our cleaners are very efficient in cleaning floors, washrooms, playgrounds, study rooms, and many more areas in Childcare centers. We keep even our smallest customers happy and healthy. Our professional preschool cleaners will help you in reducing cross-contamination by eliminating indoor air pollution. Every one of our staff is insured, checked, and bonded to give 100% satisfaction to our customers.  We believe in quality rather than anything. Using non-toxic cleaning products and solutions will make your environment safe. Contact our best preschool cleaners to clean your child care center and preschool areas in and around North Sydney. We are located at manly, you can approach us online also. Our Staff is very happy to answer your questions at Multiclean on any commercial cleaning services.