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Strata Cleaning is an Australian concept to clean subdivided commercial buildings. Multiclean has a team of professional strata cleaners in the Sydney area. They perform all cleaning services like internal and external surfaces, elevators, swimming pools, hallways, and gyms. They will take care of all the common properties and open spaces. Strata cleaning ensures better management of public assets and properties.

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Multiclean is a solution for your strata cleaning problems.

Save time & money …. Multiclean’s strata cleaning and maintenance Newcastle do it right, the first time

We guarantee all our strata cleaning and maintenance services, from straight strata cleaning or grounds/ gardening work, to special jobs like pressure cleaning, waste management, and window/glass cleaning. We‘ll see to it that your/ your client’s space gets the high quality result that everybody is enjoying.

Multiclean delivers strata cleaning and maintenance in Newcastle, from high-rise units to sprawling townhouses. We think your unique space too will love Multiclean’s performance strata cleaning attention.

Our strata cleaning service teams deliver a common result across all their strata jobs small, medium & large …. Satisfied Owners + Clean Spaces. We guarantee our results because we’re an accountable strata cleaning company. When there’s a problem, we fix it, ASAP. Yes, we’re not perfect so we own our mistakes and fix them.

Multiclean’s strata cleaning and maintenance in Newcastle is performance focused = results you want, consistently. For us performance also means listening to, understanding and then doing, always. We know a lot of people depend on their strata cleaning company to make sure everybody on that property is satisfied. You might find some assurance that our strata cleaning team members have good communication skills and follow the policy that the client is always right.

Finally, yes, Multiclean & its strata cleaning and maintenance in Newcastle services team is fully insured. We can also easily meet your environmental position with specific cleaning products, so please tell us your requirements. We use low-noise no-fume electric, not petrol powered equipment.

Discover the reasons Multiclean is the solution for committees’ and managers’ strata cleaning problems. Is it that we save time & money getting it right the 1st time? Or maybe that we listen, understand & do? Or maybe our service is just good value? Call or contact us today … We would love to hear from you and deliver a performance strata solution for you.

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Tasks Involved in Strata cleaning and maintenance in Newcastle-

Strata cleaning and maintenance in Newcastle involves the following tasks. Those will be performed by Multiclean’s strata cleaners in Sydney. Those are,

  • Carpet steam cleaning and vacuuming
  • Buffing, sealing, and stripping of many types of floor surfaces
  • Checking whether the emergency lights are in working condition and clean
  • Changing all light bulbs and fittings
  • Cleaning and disinfecting staircases sand walkways
  • Taking out and washing garbage bins
  • Cleaning common area and external windows

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Why is strata cleaning and maintenance important?

There are major reasons that will help you understand the importance of strata cleaning.

Health and Safety:

People use common spaces more and hence the open spaces get dirty quickly. If you don’t clean those spaces regularly, it will remain unhealthy and thereby impact your health. This is the reason why you have to employ strata cleaners.

Professional Cleaning:

Multiclean strata services offer professional cleaning and repair services for all the commercial surfaces. To ensure the best cleaning for your commercial space, strata cleaning is the best option. If you appoint any unprofessional cleaner, he may damage your building equipment. So you need the best cleaner and professional support. We at Multiclean will understand the situation very well and provide the best cleaners for you.

Vacuum Cleaning:

If you are using carpets it will be hard to clean those without a vacuum cleaner. To perform this task you need a vacuum cleaner to clean those small areas. But if you hire our strata cleaners, they will do this task also. Our strata cleaning offers vacuum cleaning thereby saving your money.

Buffing, Sealing, and stripping:

You need to perform buffing, sealing, and stripping based on floor types. To perform the task you need professional cleaners to understand floor types. So in this case, you need professional strata cleaners.

Changing Emergency Lights:

Strata cleaner will change all the emergency lights when it needs to be replaced or cleaned. It ensures the safety of your commercial space. The task of changing light bulbs and regular fitting can be performed by our strata cleaners. So this is the case where you need strata cleaners.

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Sydney’s Preferred Strata cleaning and maintenance services in Newcastle-

It can be difficult to identify the right person for the cleaning and maintenance of your property. Luckily, you are in the right place for Multiclean. With many years of experience, Multiclean provides superior service and customer satisfaction. So we became Sydney’s most preferred strata cleaning company and Maintenance Company located in Newcastle. Our professional team of cleaners at Multiclean provides a full range of strata property management services. We are environmentally conscious and use phosphate-free products for environmental safety.

The fees at a Multiclean company are typically determined by how much work goes into the property, the frequency, and what type of services are included. Get in touch with our team for a quote specific to your property.

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Common spaces in subdivided commercial buildings can be infested if left unchecked. Multiclean, is a strata cleaning company in Sydney that ensures your health and safety! Apart from Sydney CBD and North Sydney, we also offer our strata cleaning services in areas like St Leonards, Newcastle and Brookvale.