Saving Yourself from “Client Frustration”: Are Commercial Cleaning Services All the Same?

If you’re like most people, the last thing you want to deal with is a messy, cluttered office.  That’s where commercial cleaning services come in.  They promise to make your space spotless and organized so you can focus on what’s important.

But are all commercial cleaning services created equal?  Basically – No.  Let’s take a look at some common frustrations clients face when hiring cleaning services and how to avoid them.

Frustration #1: Poor Communication

You schedule a cleaning appointment and expect the cleaners to show up on time, but they don’t.  You try calling, but they don’t answer.  Does this happen more than once?  When they finally arrive, they rush through the job without asking what you need done.  Sometimes they don’t even talk with you.

Solution: Look for a cleaning service that values communication.  They should be easy to reach and willing to discuss your needs preferences and expectations before starting work. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and see if your expectations are understood.

Frustration #2: Inconsistent Quality

One week your office is sparkling clean, but the next week there are missed spots and dust bunnies in the corners. It’s frustrating to pay for a service and not get consistent results.

Solution: Choose a cleaning service that has a reputation for consistency.  Look for reviews and ask for references.  A good cleaning service will have a checklist or process in place to ensure every task is completed to the same high standard.

Frustration #3: Uncaring Staff

You sign up for a cleaning service with a manager or head office person, but when you meet your cleaner, there is a distinct change in vibe.  They don’t seem interested and even worse, their work quality is not great and doesn’t seem to improve over time.  It’s frustrating to feel like you’ve dealing with a company suffering from Jekyll and Hyde syndrome.

Solution: Ask how the company hires its cleaners.  A reputable cleaning service will be employing directly.  Using subcontracted cleaners means higher volumes and profit for the cleaning company but cleaners (and you) lose out.  Make sure you understand where your dollars are going or “follow the money” to the solution.  Multiclean directly engages all its staff and doesn’t use any third parties.  This is partly selfish as we save ourselves and our clients from much frustration.  Another benefit for us is consistent high-quality results because we “show our cleaners the money”.

Frustration #4: Unprofessional Behaviour

Your cleaning team shows up in ripped jeans and old t-shirts and they leave their equipment lying around your office or home.  It’s frustrating to feel like you’re dealing with amateurs not professionals who take pride and ownership of their work.

Solution: Look for a cleaning service that takes professionalism seriously.  They should arrive in clean uniforms and use proper equipment and techniques.  They should also be respectful of your space and belongings.

Frustration #5: Lack of Flexibility

You need to reschedule your cleaning time this week, but the cleaning service won’t accommodate your request.  It’s frustrating to feel like you’re stuck with a rigid schedule that doesn’t work for you.

Solution: Look for a cleaning service that offers flexibility.  Are they willing to work around your schedule and make changes as needed?  A good cleaning service will also be responsive to your feedback and willing to adjust their services and focus to meet your needs and expectations.

In concluding, not all commercial cleaning services are the same.  To avoid frustration, look for a service that values communication, consistency, financial transparency, professionalism, and flexibility.  With the right cleaning service, you could be enjoying a clean and organized space without any frustration.  Call Multiclean now and see how our model helps deliver frustration – free cleaning result.