Weekly Cleaning Checklists Every Office Cleaning Service Needs to Follow

The amount of active time a working professional spends in the office on average is almost as much as the time spent at home. And while we leave no stone unturned while cleaning the house, many often neglect office cleaning in favour of other tasks we deem more vital. With businesses and offices becoming more aware of the consequences of foregoing a clean working environment, the need for office cleaning services in Sydney has increased manifold.

Office cleaning companies have the expertise to identify what kind of cleaning an office or commercial space requires based on the nature of their work and how the office is furnished. While disinfecting surfaces and vacuuming are tasks that need to be carried out every day, there are certain tasks that need only be done weekly.

Here’s a brief checklist of all the weekly cleaning a company offering office cleaning services in Sydney can carry out for you:

  • Scrub and polish tables, floors and all other hard surfaces
  • Buff hardwood furniture and surfaces
  • Clean out the refrigerators of any food or leftovers and disinfect/sanitise it
  • Thoroughly disinfect appliances such as water dispensers, coffee machines, microwaves, etc commonly used in the kitchen area
  • Clean and vacuum the carpets and floor mats
  • Clean glass surface exterior
  • Disinfect office stationery and other frequently touched surfaces such as the telephone, the printing machines, etc.
  • Dust our cobwebs and fixtures such as the lights
  • Deep cleaning specific areas that are the most susceptible to germs

Essential Factors to Look for in a Weekly Office Cleaning Company in Sydney

Comprehensive cleaning services: A cleaning company that can only carry out some of the tasks essential to keeping the premise clean is hardly worth investing in. While hiring a cleaning company, make sure they offer comprehensive services and cover all your requirements. Have a checklist ready, keeping your business requirements and nature in mind, and make sure the company you have in mind offers to cover all the points.

Keeping with cleaning protocols: Every business has certain cleaning protocols that need to be followed. Further, certain industries have cleaning regulations specific to them that cleaning companies need to be aware of.

Reliable and committed: With a reliable cleaning company, you can rest assured of having an office that is impeccably clean and a cleaning team that offers services beyond your expectations.

By keeping these essential factors in mind and having a checklist to refer to, you can find the right office cleaning company in Sydney to help you maintain a clean space and atmosphere.