These 3 Reasons Cause Almost all the Problems in Your Cleaning Service

1. Training Information & Communication

Training and information go hand in hand and it’s no different in cleaning.  “What type of chemical can I safely use here?”  …“What pressure level should I use on this surface?”  …” How dangerous is this dust and how do I get rid of it most effectively here?”  …” Who should I call in this situation?”.  So many questions.  So many applications.  Cleaning is more complicated and stressful than we may realise.

So that’s how the problems come in and why cleaners need training and support.  A lack of information and training is the main source of problems for our industry.  But a lack of communication comes in a close second in causing problems.

Good results need people not just with good attitude, but knowledge and confidence.  Your cleaner should have received a training program covering systematic cleaning processes.  Training takes time.  To ensure professionals have the ability and opportunity to do a great job your cleaning company should be providing their people at least with training in:

  • WHS
  • Amenities and restrooms cleaning
  • Effective communications
  • Infectious and sanitary safety
  • Chemicals handling
  • Kitchens cleaning
  • Hygienic waste disposal
  • Emergency procedures.

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2. Staff Turnover, Absenteeism

It is easy thinking staff absences and turnover in your cleaning company is their issue not yours.  It can however, affect

your business.  How?  For example more distraction and less effective cleaning work.  Potentially, a poorer cleaning result with people learning new processes.  The relationship between your staff and the cleaners may be diminished.  The risk of damage, accidents and waste may increase.  And, new people on your premises can be unsettling and if happening regularly is stressful and could raise security concerns among your staff.

High turnover may be due to a number of reasons including those stemming from organisation morale, the employment screening process, “illegal” hiring/ subcontracting, uncompetitive wages and/ or benefits, ineffective management and inadequate training.

While turnover is often much higher in lower-skilled, lower-wage jobs some companies have managed to reduce their staff turnover.  Due to positive hiring processes, training accountability and remuneration systems, companies can attract, keep and develop very good people.

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3. No Quality Assurance Systems or Processes

Effective, responsive service never happens by accident, it is brought about by design.  Quality Assurance systems assure reliability through accountability.  The most effective practice for quality control in the janitorial industry is the inspection and accountability process.  Inspections connect a facility manager and the cleaning company.

Effective janitorial service requires accountability which is ensured through systems that keep everyone on track.  Quality cleaning results require as much forethought and strategy as any business.

Consistently good service and results also don’t happen by accident.  Understanding what a good result means to the customer, recruiting training and developing good people, and keeping the system running smoothly all take time.

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Is Multiclean any different?

We only know that our business is centred on and supports the person doing the cleaning.  We like to think we practice transparency and high levels of communication.  The professional cleaner, their dedication and process is at the heart of the result we are all after.

Finally we treat our people and our clients like we treat ourselves.  Multiclean cleaning professionals are legally employed and insured.  While the business owners are on hand as backup, it is the professional cleaner who is physically working day-in day-out to achieve your cleaning result. Your cleaning professional is Multiclean.

Please talk with us about how Multiclean service could help.  If you decide to use Multiclean, we hope you will continue talking with us and help achieve the ongoing results we all want.