Top 3 Cleaning Service Problems

We trust our cleaners to keep our spaces clean and safe.  In reality cleaners are only human and sometimes slip up, leaving problems for the rest of us.  Below are what we think are the top 3 problems in our commercial cleaning industry.  You may / may not agree and we look forward to your thoughts if you would like to share.

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1. Poor Service Quality

We have all experienced poor service and it can be frustrating.  Are your suggestions or requests being ignored unacknowledged or just consistently misunderstood?  Maybe your requests are acted on but then soon forgotten again?  So you may want to ask – how long has there been a communication problem?

The first solution you may work on is to get a definitive response from management about your problem(s).  Maybe they did not know about your email, or they may not have received your request.  Getting continuously unsatisfactory responses or excuses, means you may have to communicate in a stronger manner.  There is no excuse for ongoing poor service.  Cleaners generally want to deliver a good result for their customer, so the problem may be in the cleaning company’s processes.

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2. Not Showing Up

You arrive at work ready to start the day, but realise the office is still dirty and the bins haven’t been emptied.  So what happened?  One issue managers and owners deal with is the cleaner not actually doing the job.  There could be many reasons your cleaner did not show up.

The easiest to deal with are the simple ones – was it a misunderstanding e.g. they didn’t know the cleaning frequency?   Maybe it was miscommunication e.g. did someone change the lock and not pass on the new key?  If it was something simple, talking with the cleaner or company easily solves the problem.

For more serious absences or job lapses, maybe you should let service management or owner know.  The problem could be personal or health reasons and it would be best addressing the problem immediately, to avoid any effect on your business.

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3. Poor Result

Maybe the most obvious or common sign of poor/ inadequate service is a poor quality outcome.  Business owners or managers sometimes find areas, especially kitchens and bathrooms not properly cleaned.  Inadequate cleaning can leave people feeling that they are not being taken care of, especially when they are working hard for their own clients.  It also puts pressure on managers who use time dealing with and making up for the poor cleaning.

As always, it is good to check existing communications e.g. what do the agreed cleaning specifications say?  What is the shared understanding?  Maybe the person was told your office kitchen was not to be touched (?).  Of course it won’t take long to find why paid-for-results are not being achieved.  As always, you should communicate with your cleaning professional.

Taking and sharing pictures of the problem should be easy and will help all to understand the exact problem as well as showing that no-one is not “overreacting.”

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Is Multiclean any different?

We’re not sure.  We do know that our business focuses on and supports the person doing the cleaning.  That person, their dedication and their process is the key results you and we are all after.

We treat our people and our clients like we treat ourselves.  Multiclean cleaning professionals are legally employed and insured.  While the business owners are on hand, it is the professional cleaner who is physically working day-in day-out to achieve your cleaning result.  Your cleaning professional is Multiclean.

Please talk with us about Multiclean and our services.  If you decide to use Multiclean, we hope you continue talking with us to help achieve the ongoing results you want.